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Psychotherapy & Counselling 

take control of YOUR LIFE.

People actively seek to increase personal satisfaction in their lives. They may look for support with a specific issue, want personal growth, or wish to engage in a deeper relationship with themselves and others.  Constructive, structured and uncomplicated psychotherapy can definitely help.

The aim of psychotherapy is to generate equilibrium. This means bringing back a balance between opposite  forces or influences. Every problem has more than one viewpoint. There are  always options. The experiences of hurt, confusion, desperation or helplessness are only one side of the coin. Even when we are suffering greatly, it is possible to find meaning in our pain and become wiser. These challenges can teach us how to be more self-contained, have presence of mind and gain tranquillity. 


I have a warm, open and honest style that is key to developing an empathetic and trusting relationship. Together, we will explore your challenges creating a space for discovery. We will explore deep-seated patterns of behaviour, feelings and meaning, so expect to learn more about yourself, build a greater awareness of your thoughts and feelings, and understand how these affect you.

What to expect

It is  important that you, the client, feel comfortable about the work undertaken. This will enable us to build a relationship of trust that is vital if we are to fully explore your personal difficulties and discover ways of living life more authentically. 


We will work collaboratively to help you find your own solutions to your problems. This involves exploring the issues that initially led you to seek help, and any related issues that may be playing a part in your life. The overall aim will be to enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your problems, and then to discover ways to deal with them effectively. 


Coming to see Kelly has been life changing. My therapy began 9 months ago when I went to see her for an assessment. I arrived feeling very anxious, petrified and in avoidance thinking the world was against me. I wanted something to change.   Kelly listened, supported and challenged me. She helped me accept, trust and feel excited about life again. Through her honesty and empathy she helped me to understand that it’s ok to feel anger, sadness and fear. This is the end of one chapter on my journey. Thank you Kelly for being part of it - this has been one of the most meaningful and rewarding journeys. I am now ready to leave therapy with a feeling of peace and connectedness, free from the past, a sense of strength and acceptance and having faith in the future.



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Psychotherapy wasn’t something I ever thought I would be looking for, but after going through a period of having emotional mood swings and feeling lost in my head, my friends advised me to seek some professional help. I did a simple internet search and found Kelly. At first I didn’t know what to expect and felt quite anxious about opening up to a stranger about very personal matters, but once my sessions began, Kelly made it so easy for me and I just talked about anything and everything. I never felt judged and our sessions were warm and friendly.

At times, it wasn’t easy as she dug deep, uncovered dark corners of my past and present and made me discuss issues that I had been avoiding. I worked hard during our sessions and found that nothing changes overnight when problems have been around for a long time. Without Kelly’s support and guidance, I don’t believe I would have had the courage to face my problems. I feel like a new person, full of confidence - my life is back on track. I now feel like I have the right tools to manage the pain and unhappiness that brought me to therapy in the first place and I am eternally grateful to Kelly for her help.



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